Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City got its start in the 1800s, being founded by a group of Latter-day Saints. It was originally named Great Salt Lake City due to how close it was to the Great Salt Lake. The “Great” was later dropped from the name, and the city became named as we know it today, Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City lies within a mountain valley, with Wasatch Mountains to the city’s east and west. These days, the population of the city rests somewhere over 191,000. Elevation of the city is 4,330 feet above sea level, and the weather stays relatively cool throughout the year. The warmest months out of the year are July and August, which seem to top out around 75 degrees.

Salt Lake City and Utah in general are part of the Mountain Time Zone.

The area where Salt Lake City lies used to be covered by an ancient lake called Lake Bonneville. At its peak, Lake Bonneville was nearly as large as Lake Michigan is today. As the climate began to warm, the lake dried and left what water exists today behind. That is Rush Lake, Sevier Lake, Utah Lake, and the Great Salt Lake.

Despite the religious background of the capitol of Utah, Salt Lake City has a large LGBT community. It has even been voted as being, “Gayest City in the USA.” It is also home to the first Kentucky Fried Chicken, having been called Sanders Court and Cafe.

Before Utah became a state, and Salt Lake City became the capitol, a man named Brigham Young helped himself to the title of “governor.” This was back when the believers of the Mormon religion followed polygamy quite strongly. President Buchanan, at the time, declared rebellion for the settlers in that area, and it wasn’t until the practice of polygamy was abandoned in “The Manifesto” that statehood was eventually realized.

Salt Lake City is a town with a lot of rich history and heritage. It has the privilege of having been part of the American Old West, and still thrives today. If you’re looking for a lovely vacation spot, perhaps it is the place for you this winter! Expect it to be nice and cool, but a great place to enjoy the mountains. With so much history, no wonder Salt Lake City was originally called Great Salt Lake City! Hopefully it’s a city that will continue to gather more history and heritage for the United States.